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No matter how awesome your pool looks, if it’s ice cold no one is going to use it! Don’t let the weather dictate when you use your own pool, take control with a pool heater. My Heating & Cooling Guy offers a wide selection of technologically advanced pool heaters that are designed to keep you and your family splashing all summer long.

Gas Heaters

Pool gas heaters are operated by burning either natural gas or propane. The gas burns within a combustion chamber alongside a series of copper coils. Water passes through these coils and is heated by the burning gas. Gas heaters are the most popular choice for swimming pool heaters as they heat swimming pools quickly and reliably. Their operation cost however, is completely dependant upon the price of fuel.

Electric Resistance Pool Heaters

This style of pool heater makes use of electric currents to create heat and warm your pool. It heats up with a current is applied to the resistor within the heater. When water washed over the resistor it is gradually heated, meanwhile the resistor cools and the process starts all over again. This sophisticated design requires a significant amount of electricity, and is best used to heat smaller pools. That said, it is environmentally friendly choice as it does not emit any air pollution, and can operate in any weather.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump warms your pool by using electricity to transmit heat to the water. An air-source heat pump will use heat from the air, meanwhile water-source (or geothermal) heat pumps take heat from water. Heat pumps are an incredibly energy efficient way to heat your pool, and as a result are quickly gaining popularity. When compared to gas heaters, they heat pool water at a slower rate.

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