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Summers in Southwestern Ontario are hot, hot, hot! Enjoying them without an air conditioner can be downright impossible! An air conditioner can improve your quality of life during the summer’s hottest months. Many of our clients only use their air conditioners a few weeks every year. They find that their air conditioners last longer, while making the hottest summer day seem bearable. Not to mention, there are many people who require an air conditioner to breathe comfortably on hot, humid summer days. Even without health issues, summer in Ontario can be incredibly uncomfortable without the cooling effects of air conditioners.

London’s Cooling Experts

My Heating & Cooling Guy is proud to be able to offer London and the surrounding area with family owned and operated home heating and cooling solutions. We provide each of our clients superior customer service, and prompt results at competitive prices. You can count on us for all of your heating and cooling needs! We will help you find the right air conditioner for your residential or commercial space, that is guaranteed to get the job done.

The Benefits of Air Conditioners

During the height of the summer even the most mundane tasks can seem impossible. Air conditioners make functioning and accomplishing daily tasks so much simpler! My Heating & Cooling Guy offers a variety of cooling solutions for both residential and commercial properties that are guaranteed to increase productivity. Air conditioners also work hard to filter the air around them. Dust, dirt, microorganisms, and bacteria are reduced dramatically in areas where air conditioners are able to work their magic. For those who struggle with respiratory issues during humid weather, an air conditioner can make it easier to breathe!

My Heating & Cooling Guy will help you find the right air conditioner to suit your needs. We also offer air conditioner maintenance and repair. To schedule a service appointment or to discuss your home cooling options, call us today at 226-919-8475!

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