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If you’re like most homeowners, you keep some pretty valuable items in your garage. From vehicles to sports equipment and family mementos, keeping them safe is important! Not to mention, garages are typically not heated. So if you want to use your garage year round, you will need to heat it, and keep the harsh Ontario winter elements on the other side of the garage door! My Heating & Cooling Guy has years of experience creating comfortable garage that are suitable for year round use that keeps both valuables, and fingers working properly.

Garage Heater Sales

There are a variety of garage heaters for you to choose from. The least expensive options are portable kerosene or propane heaters. However, operated improperly or damaged in any way they can be dangerous machines. They also require ventilation that is not often available in many garages. At My Heating & Cooling Guy, we suggest ceiling mounted, gas, forced-air unit. That said, infrared heaters are also a viable option as they heat up objects in their sight as opposed to the air. Infrared heaters cost approximately double that of a forced air unit. A ceiling mounted garage heater requires gas lines, venting, and electric work and should always be done by a licensed professional. Depending on the size of the unit, and the location of your home permits and inspections may be required.

Garage Heater Installation

In order to function properly, your garage heater needs to be situated in the perfect spot. The best location for a garage heater is in a corner at a 45 degree angle towards the garage door. In addition to the location of the heater itself, there are other considerations to be taken into account. For example, if you use your garage for woodworking, or if you will be spraying stains and using finishes you will want to choose a heater with a separate combustion chamber. This means that your heater will draw from clean, outdoor air instead of using the fume ridden garage air.

Garage Heater Maintenance

The size and power of your heater will depend on the square footage of your garage, the height of the ceiling, the existing insulation, as well as what you use the space for. Instead of guessing, make sure you choose the right heater. The My Heating & Cooling Guy team can take the guesswork out of the selection process. Don’t forget, your garage heater will require annual maintenance and servicing, just like your home’s furnace!

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