Heating - Radiant In-Floor Heating

In-Floor heating truly is the height of luxury. Imagine being able to have toasty warm feet the moment you get out of bed, arrive home, or step out the shower! Amazing! Radiant In-floor heating is based on an ancient technology that has been used for thousands of years! While the installation process looks a little different today than it did in ancient Rome, the results are no less brilliant. Underfloor, radiant heating improves your quality of life and adds thousands to the value of your home.

In-Floor Radiant Heating Installation

Radiant heating is an incredibly energy efficient way to heat your home. Not only will your gas and electric bills drop, but you will be doing the environment a favour! Radiant in-floor heating eliminates the need for ductwork, and the heat loss that is associated with heat ducts. Your home will be heated more efficiently, and more quietly. Radiant in-floor heating is also a great solution for those who suffer from allergies!

In-Floor Heating Efficiency

Radiant heating works by warming any and all surfaces that interact with the floor. This includes furniture, the walls, doors, your pets, and of course...you! Using technologically advanced techniques, radiant heating is able to administer an equal, constant level of warmth that is sure to make your home even more cozy. Imagine the instant warming sensation you receive when you take a sip of warm tea. Now imagine that keeping your toes warm on a blustery, winter day in Ontario!

In-Floor Radiant Heating Saves You Money

Many homeowners are turning to radiant in-floor heating to save money and improve their quality of life. As more of the population is suffering from allergies, radiant heating offers a dust free heat source that both benefits your bank account, and those who suffer from allergies. Radiant in-floor heating has the potential to lead to energy savings of 10% to 30% depending on your use! Furthermore, due to the fact that you are in direct contact with the heat source, homeowners find that they need less heat to feel the effects. Despite in-floor the increased upfront costs of in-floor heating, radiant heating is an economical long term decision.

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