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4 Questions To Ask Before Installing A Pool Heater

A pool is a significant investment in time and energy, so it’s frustrating to maintain your pool and not be able to use it during the late spring and early fall, or during a summer cold snap. A pool heater can extend the time you can enjoy your pool, but not all heaters are created equal.

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5 Tips To Help With Allergy Season

Who doesn't love spring? You might have a love/hate relationship with the season if you struggle with seasonal allergies. All that grass and pollen in the air can leave you miserable for days or weeks at a time.

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DIY Spring Air Conditioner Tune Up

Spring is in the air, but summer is coming soon. Is your air conditioning system ready to handle whatever summer dishes out? Don’t forget your air conditioning system in your spring cleaning.

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Spring HVAC Tune-up: What You Need to Know

Spring is almost here, and with sunshine and muggy weather just a few short months away it is time to schedule your Spring HVAC tune up. Don’t let faulty appliances and unreliable home heating and cooling make this spring and summer uncomfortable. Instead, schedule a Spring HVAC tune up to make sure you’re ahead of the game.

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How My Gas Furnace Works

If you are a new homeowner, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of how your gas furnace works since it does a big job in your home and it’s often not thought about until it breaks. Having an understanding, even elementary, also helps you comprehend what a technician is talking about when your furnace gets its annual inspection or can help you identify potential problems with your heating system.

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Making my Home More Energy Efficient

One simple solution to making your home more energy efficient is to upgrade your HVAC system to a newer more efficient one but if getting a new furnace and air conditioner just isn’t an option right now, but you’d still like to save a bit of money, here are some efficiency tips:

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Proper Maintenance

When most homeowners think of spending money on their homes, it’s unlikely that their heating and cooling system first comes to mind. Because it’s stuck down in a corner in the basement, it’s often not thought about unless something goes wrong and it’s not working properly. Being too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter can be just the beginning of the problems, but an unmaintained HVAC system can also lead to increased utility costs and even health issues.

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Understanding Your Central Air Conditioner

How operational your central air conditioner system can make or break your summer. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep through a hot and humid night. Having a basic knowledge of your air conditioning system can help you determine if repairs are needed or will help you understand the HVAC technician when they come to do your yearly tune-up and inspection.

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A Few Words From Our Loyal Customers

We hired Tyler and his team from My Heating and Cooling Guy last spring to install a new gas furnace and air conditioner to our home. Their pricing was exactly what we expected. They came to our home within a week of us calling them during their busy season. They quoted quickly and then came to install everything within a few weeks.

- S. Bouchard

I have always counted on My Heating & Cooling Guy, whether it's my own home or one of my rental properties. If I need a new furnace or AC unit installed, emergency service or just regular maintenance work done, Tyler, and his crew, have always been there for me... there able to trouble shoot on the fly and are always very courteous and trustworthy.

- Cory Tremblay

Thank you My Heating & Cooling Guy for another job well done ! We love, love, love our new fireplace! What a difference from before to after!! It is beautiful! We have also had My Heating & Cooling Guy help us with many other home projects including removing our old, water heater and installing an efficient tankless water heater...

- Rhonda Lagasse

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