Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new furnace?
The first question you should ask yourself when deciding whether or not to buy a new furnace is: “How old is it?” If your furnace is more than 15 years old, chances are you are going to - or already have! - put more money into repairing and maintaining your furnace than you should. New furnaces offer increased efficiency and customization that will lead to lower heating bills. Before you make a purchase though, shop around. Make sure to get a proposal not just a bid. Do your research, read product reviews, and purchase a brand you recognize.
Do I need a humidifier?
A humidifier works by adding moisture to the air. Have you ever noticed that during the winter you get sick more, your skin is itchy and dry, it can be harder to breathe, or you’re repeatedly suffering from sinus issues? A humidifier can help with each of these things. To determine whether or not you need a humidifier, buy yourself a hygrometer. This tool measures the amount of humidity in the air. Your home should have between 30% to 50% humidity. IF it is below 30%, consider investing in a humidifier. My Heating & Cooling Guy can help you choose the right dehumidifier for your needs!
How do I know if I need a new air conditioner?
Just like your furnace, you need to ask yourself how long your air conditioner been working for you? An air conditioner is expected to live for 15-20 years. That said, after 10 years they begin to lose their once efficient ways. If you are experiencing higher utility bills that last summer, or you are simply not getting the results you did last year, it’s time to discuss a new air conditioner.
Why do I need to have a furnace / air conditioner inspection if my warranty is still valid?
An annual inspection makes sure that you can catch small repairs before they become huge, costly repairs. By inspecting your air conditioner or furnace on an annual basis a professional can stay on top of wear and tear, and have parts replaced that are under warranty before you have to pay for them. Annual inspections also include cleaning coils, changing filters, and much more which keeps your units functioning as efficiently, and inexpensively as possible!

A Few Words From Our Loyal Customers

We hired Tyler and his team from My Heating and Cooling Guy last spring to install a new gas furnace and air conditioner to our home. Their pricing was exactly what we expected. They came to our home within a week of us calling them during their busy season. They quoted quickly and then came to install everything within a few weeks.

- S. Bouchard

I have always counted on My Heating & Cooling Guy, whether it's my own home or one of my rental properties. If I need a new furnace or AC unit installed, emergency service or just regular maintenance work done, Tyler, and his crew, have always been there for me... there able to trouble shoot on the fly and are always very courteous and trustworthy.

- Cory Tremblay

Thank you My Heating & Cooling Guy for another job well done ! We love, love, love our new fireplace! What a difference from before to after!! It is beautiful! We have also had My Heating & Cooling Guy help us with many other home projects including removing our old, water heater and installing an efficient tankless water heater...

- Rhonda Lagasse

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