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The last thing you need on a hot summer day is a malfunctioning air conditioner! If you think that your air conditioner may be in need of repair, call us at 226-919-8475 to schedule a service appointment! Is your air conditioner not functioning like it used to? Are you using the same controls, and getting different results? Like any piece of machinery, air conditioners sometimes need a little bit of TLC.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Repaired

When it comes to the health of your air conditioner, you can be on the lookout for a few telltale symptoms. For starters, if the digital thermometer is blank, or it appears as though your air conditioner has lost power there may be something wrong with the unit. You should also be on the lookout for unusual sounds that have either just started or sound unhealthy. Let your instincts be the best judge. If you feel as though something might be wrong with your air conditioner, then you are probably right! Before My Heating & Cooling Guy begins a repair project, we will provide you with an estimate. You will never be surprised by an unexpected invoice!

Other symptoms to be on the lookout for are differences in the air quality. If you are setting your air conditioner unit to the same settings as before and getting different results, there may be an issue with the controls, or within the unit itself. Often, cleaning or changing the air filters can lead to dramatic improvements in both airflow, and the quality of air your air conditioner emits! Lastly, if you ever notice that your air conditioner is leaking water or coolant fluids, contact a professional immediately! This can lead not only to unsightly stains, but also to structural damage and electric issues.

To schedule a service appointment or to discuss your home cooling options, call us today at 226-919-8475!

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