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Annual air conditioner maintenance will increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, while keeping it running as efficiently as possible! Your air conditioner requires an annual checkup in the same way that your car needs to have its oil changed on a regular basis. Ensuring that moving parts, filters, and valve connections are all as they should be will keep you and your family safe and cool all year round.

What’s Included In An Annual Air Conditioner Inspection?

An air conditioner inspection is a thorough process that is carried out to assess the overall condition of your cooling unit. To begin with, we clean the exterior condenser unit and all of the exterior components. These elements are exposed to wind, rain, dirt, and debris for most of the year and could use a little attention! It is strongly recommended that you let a professional take care of both the condenser as well as the entire air conditioner inspection. Air conditioners are powerful machines that can cause serious repercussions if handled improperly. Next, we make sure that the condensate drain line is not blocked, and is properly directing water away from the unit.

Next, and possibly most importantly, the filters are either cleaned or replaced. The filters collect pollen, dust, and other particles from the air that interfere with your ability to breathe clean, fresh air. As a result, the filters require regular cleaning. Next, we clean the supply and return vents that direct air in and out of your home. Lastly, we make sure that the safety controls, and shutoff and startup mechanisms are functioning properly and that the temperature calibrations are accurate.

Schedule Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Today!

The best time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance appointment is for before you start to need it! Don’t wait until the first long weekend of the summer when you have a house full of guests to realize that your air conditioner isn’t working properly. As a general rule, you should schedule your annual air conditioner inspection in late spring or early summer.

To schedule your annual air conditioner inspection, call us today at 226-919-8475!

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